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Gopal Bhavan, Mumbai, Maharashtra
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Our Products

Glass Coated Teflon Cloths & TapesYes! I am interested

We offer our clients with an extensive range of coated glass cloth or Teflon tapes that combines the properties of PTFE/ Teflon with the mechanical strength of Glass Cloth. It has a good heat and chemical resistance along with excellent non stick properties and are available in plain or self adhesive backed and as anti static if required. Our range can convert PTFE Coated Glass Cloth into gaskets and stripes cut to any width to suit your requirement. Its specifications, applications and features are given below:


 Temperature: -190°C to +260°C.


Key Features:

Insulating Crepe PaperYes! I am interested

We offer ready stock high quality Insulating Crepe Paper made from high voltage cable Kraft Paper. They consist of 100% pure sulfate cellulose.


Insulating Crepe Papers are mainly used as:wide tapescut narrow rolls for insulation of the parts of high voltage electrical apparatus.The degree of creeping matches to individual requirements enables manual or machine application & a close connection between layers.
Crepe paper is also used in Instrument (Current / Voltage) Transformers


The fineness, elasticity & high strength of the used base paper results in high dielectric strength of the creped end products.It also guarantees 100% oil impregnation within short time period.The control of initial materials together with inspection of finished products enables insulating Crepe Paper to be used in high voltage transformers at areas with field stress as well as in converters, cables and other equipments where stresses are high.

Insulating Kraft PaperYes! I am interested

We offer ready stock high quality Insulating Kraft Paper, manufactured from 100% pure, long fiber sulfate cellulose, which is free of size & fillers.
Material Imported in 2, 2.5, 3,3.5, 4, 5 mil

An insulation on conductors & coils of Transformers Conductors of Power Cables


The mechanical strength of Kraft insulating Papers enables:Maximum winding speeds High tension to be achieved.This results in high degree of homogeneity of the insulation with excellent electrical breakdown values.

Fiber Glass Cloth & TapeYes! I am interested

Our clients are offered with an extensive range of Fiber Glass Cloth & Tape at the most competitive price range. Our range possesses high tensile strength and heat resistance and is widely used for manufacturing epoxy laminated sheets, tubes and in heat and electrical equipment. Our range is used for manufacturing woven glass cloth continuous filament glass fiber E-type that has resin compatible surface, lower density and high tensile strength

Fiber Glass Sleevings(Class-H)Yes! I am interested

We offer our clients with an extensive range of dielectric Fiber Glass Sleevings (Class-F) that is highly cost effective in nature. Our range possesses softness and can withstand very high temperatures. These are coated with silicon varnish, braided with non-alkali fiber glass yarn and are treated with high temperature. These special class H sleevings are used in a host of applications like aircrafts, high tension motors of cranes and other heavy duty equipment, induction motors, ships and alternators. Our clients can avail this item in a range of 1-25 mm bore diameter.

Polyimide Film TapeYes! I am interested

with this type of industrial adhesive tapes named as Polyimide Film Tape that consist of polyimide film and silicon adhesive. Our range is designed for high temperature applications. Its temperature ranges from -100deg.F to 500 deg. F (-73 deg. C to 260 deg.C). These are widely used in various industrial applications and are appreciated for its long lasting nature.

10 Color Polyester Film Adhesive TapeYes! I am interested

We are involved in offering IMPORTED Plolyester Films ADH. TAPES in a huge variety.


Sr. No.Description Backing Material Adhesive System Product Thickness Tensile Strength Adhesion to Metal Elongation (%) (min)BDV Operating Temperature Application1Polyester Self-Adhesive Electrical Insulation Tape (Assorted Colors)Polyester Film 25micron 50micronThermo Setting Rubber Adhesive0.050mm 0.075mm3kg/cm 5kg/cm200gsm/cm75% 75%5KV 8KV130°C 130°CCore & inter layer insulation Insulating soldered & welded joints on a line. Wrap on coils insulation on HT coils of motors. Winding layers in power transformers etc.2Polyester Tape with white adhesive25micron Polyester Film Thermo Setting Rubber Adhesive0.05mm3.0kg/cm200gsm/cm75%5KV130°CCore inter layer insulation Insulation on HT Coils of motor Wrapping of Capacitors, Power Transformers, Motors, EHT bus bar insulation3PVC Self-Adhesive Electrical Tape PVC Film Rubber Adhesive0.12mm2.0kg/cm200gsm/cm150%2KV70°CFor insulating, Splicing, Harnessing of electrical wires, taping, holding, sealing identification classification, decorative wrapping & marking.4Circuit Board Tape Polyester Film 25/micron Thermo Setting Adhesive0.1mm5kg/cm250gsm/cm100%6KV160°C For masking printed circuit boards during solder stepping and precious metal plating of lingets. Splicing of silicone coated papers. Filling of LEDs5Polyester Based Silicon (High Tack) Adhesive Tape50 Micron Polyester Film Thermo Setting Adhesive0.075mm5kg/cm250gsm/cm70%8KV160°C Heavy duty locomotive motors coils & coils lead. Excellent for splicing, sealing, holding difficult to adhere to surfaces Most widely used in Electrical & Electronic industries

Automobile, Packaging and Gen Purpose TapeYes! I am interested

we provide a huge range of automobile, packaging and gen purpose tape.
from cgppi, sneham, scapa, four pillar

Shoe tape. :- nylon, others
Auto:-           foam , pvc, cloth base
Packaging:- aluminium, duct, ds cotton,w/p
Electrical:-  fiberglass, polyimide,                          
Pink & white rayon,nomex                 
Pcb :- high temp masking, polyimide etc.

Welcome to


"Dynaelectric" has gained a unique place in the market for dealing, exporting, importing and trading our clients with an extensive range of Fiber Glass Products and Insulating Materials.

With our vast experience in this field, we are engaged in Fiber glass products and Insulating Materials. We also lend our service as project consultants to various companies. A strict quality check and a customer oriented approach is followed in our business that helps us to firmly stand in this competitive market within a short span of time. Our in-house facilities help us in meeting the dynamic requirements of all our clients.





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No. 199, Princess Street, 10, Gopal Bhavan Ground Floor, Opposite Geeta Bhavan Hotel
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